Oct 30, 2015

ultrasound system | DC-7 | Echo | 4D | mindray

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Premium imaging Premium imaging platform technologies
Real-time 4D imaging
Power and Directional Color Doppler
Tissue Doppler imaging
Tissue harmonic imaging
IMT: intima-media thickness
Free Xros M: anatomical M mode
Steered scanning B, color/power, PW/CW independent
Trapezoid imaging
iScape: panoramic imaging
iBeam™ : spatial compounding imaging

Frequency compounding imaging

iClear™ : adaptive speckle suppression imaging
iTouch: one-key optimization for B, PW/CW  images

User productivity features:

High resolution 17 " LCD display on omni-directional  articulated  arm
Touch screen control panel
4 active transducer sockets
Home base user interface
Ergonomic and lightweight transducers
iTouch: one-key optimization for B, PW/CW  images
Multifunctional control
Best Pan and Spot combination ZOOM to visualize small anatomic structures
User programmable pre-sets for clinical specialties, patient types
User programmable measurement, calculation and operator preferences

Streamlined workflow to maximize efficiency

Fast system response: Four active probe  ports, iStation. DICOM3.0 (Storage, Print,DIR, Worklist, MPPS, HIS, RIS)

Special applications:

3D/4D imaging
IMT: automatic calculation and analysis of carotid intima-media thickness

Sales please contact us at the number


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