Oct 31, 2015

Diagnostic Ultrasound System | DC-3 MINDRAY


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a compact system offering the best in terms of mobility and flexibility. DC-3 promises a completely new ultrasound scanning experience, by providing excellent ergonomics and intelligent work flow in order to accommodate a wide range of applications in different working environments.

 Delivering convincing image performance and versatile diagnostic solutions, DC-3 is designed to perform with speed and accuracy, offering clinicians enhanced diagnostic confidence with the greatest ease of use and optimal user comfort

  • High-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor with wide angle of view
  • Omni directional arm, together with a rotatable and height-adjustable control panel
  • The home-based control panel is designed with consideration for the needs of users and is logical, with
  • intuitive menu adjustment control and functional button layouts
  • The transducers are ergonomically designed to fit the hand, light-weight, and with flexible cables. They can
  • be quickly switched among four transducer sockets
  • The USB ports and DVD-R/W are easily accessible, allowing versatile and easily accesible information flow.
  • 4D imaging: offering you the greatest ability to view properly, thereby enhancing diagnostic accuracy
  • iBeam™: (Spatial compounding imaging technology) - increasing spatial resolution without compromising
  • imaging frame rate
  • THI (Tissue harmonic imaging) - achieving better contrast and spatial resolution, especially in the case of
  • technically difficult subjects
  • B steer: maneuvering the ultrasound beam for better visualization,
  • especially for needle-guided treatment
  • Trapezoid imaging: enlarging the field of view with linear probes, to show more tissue information
  • iScape™  View (Panoramic imaging): allowing exceptional visualization of
  • anatomical structures and relationships over an extended area
Features and Benefits
  • Full-featured and versatile across a wide range of clinical applications including emergency medicine
  • Exceptional ergonomic solutions for user comfort:
  • Compact system design with best mobility and flexibility
  • High-resolution 15-inch TFT monitor, with omni-directional arm provides optimal viewing in any position
  • Swivel and height adjustable control panel
  • Intuitive key board layout with back-lit and task light
  • Hand-fit transducer design with light weight and flexible cable
  • Streamlined, intelligent workflow is designed to maximize productivity:
  • iStation™: powerful onboard patient data management
  • iTouch™: intelligent, one-touch  image optimization
  • IP: fast image optimization
  • Synchronous Navigation: on-screen instruction for manual-free operation
  • Thumbnail: easy image review during live scanning
  • User-programmable Obstetric formulae
  • User-defined Obstetric table
  • Advanced imaging technologies offer superior imaging performance for accurate and reliable diagnoses:
  • iBeam™ compounding
  • iScape™ View (panoramic imaging)
  • Tissue harmonic imaging (THI)
  • Tissue specific imaging (TSI)
  • Trapezoidal imaging
  • B Steer
  • Real-time 3D imaging is ideal for prenatal applications
  • Open communication platform enables quick and convenient data transfer and sharing:
  • Network
  • USB, Ethernet, DVD-R/W
  • Customizable system configuration ensures your clinical and financial requirements are met
  • Upgradeable platform guarantees your long-term investment protection

Sales please contact us at the number 

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